WebFont Maker

How To Add Fonts with WebFont Maker
The WebFont Maker documentation includes a complete explanation of how to add fonts to your Web pages. You can add fonts using  WebFont Wizard and any HTML editor.
  1. Use WebFont Wizard to record a portable font resource (PFR) for the font.

  2. Add a LINK tag to link the HTML page to the PFR.
    A LINK tag looks like this:

       <LINK REL=FONTDEF src="/pfrs/myfont.pfr">

  3. Specify the fonts in the body of the HTML document. There are several methods for specifying a font with HTML including:
    • Using FONT tags and specifying a FACE attribute
    • Using a Cascading Style Sheet and specifying a font-family

  4. The ability to view fonts is built in to Netscape Communicator, but you can add a link to the WebFont Player for Internet Explorer for Windows. Link to Bitstream's server for the player, or download and install it on your own Web server.

See a Web page come alive with WebFont Maker!

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